RAVATHERM expands portfolio with high thickness XPS materials

April 01, 2016

To meet the requirements of our times, the growing thickness required by the increasing need for saving energy, and also to meet your expectations, we have begun the production of high thickness RAVATHERM XPS  thermal insulation. The RAVATHERM XPS  product line has expanded to include thermal insulations in thicknesses of 14, 15, 16, 18 and 20 cm, due to the latest development of RAVATHERM Hungary Kft.

RAVATHERM XPS products are produced in a closed system, from exclusively high quality raw materials, following a strict internal quality control process and fully complying with the requirements of ISO 14001 environmental management system.


The extended RAVATHERM XPS product line:

RAVATHERM XPS 300 WB 20-200mm: Thermal insulation board with rough surface for reinforced concrete structures as lost formwork; for socles, front walls, reinforced concrete rings, pillars and arcade slabs plastered or covered with brick or stone tiles.

RAVATHERM XPS 300 SL 30-200 mm: For the thermal insulation of inverted roofs, terraces, green roofs, floors, perimeter cellar walls, multilayer wall structures.

RAVATHERM XPS 300 STG 40-100 mm: For the thermal insulation of visible surfaces on agricultural buildings, pitched roofs, cold storages, multilayer and / or fitted wall structures, perimeter cellar walls.

RAVATHERM XPS 500 SL 40-120 mm: For the thermal insulation of heavy loads at floors, industrial floors, parking roofs.

RAVATHERM XPS 700 SL 40-100 mm: For extremely heavy loads at floors.