Insulation XPS (RAVATHERM)


RAVATHERM produces and commercializes durable insulation products using the latest technology in extrusion and by applying a strict quality control process.

We manufacture RAVATHERM™ and POLYFOAM ™ XPS, extruded polystyrene foam insulation, well-known, respected brands in the building industry. The extrusion process results in an insulation material with uniform small, closed cells and a thermal performance and strength for the lifetime of the building. The product contributes to a substantial energy saving and increases the comfort of the building. We offer a wide range of products in several thicknesses, different surfaces and various compressive strengths to meet the performance requirements of buildings. RAVATHERM can provide help, advice and information in order to help you achieve the solutions you are looking for. We can deliver our products from our manufacturing sites in Hartlepool in United Kingdom, Artix in France, Balaton in Hungary, Chekhov in Russia and Katerini in Greece.

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