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Ravago Building & Construction Solutions

Ravago Building & Construction Solutions (RBCS) manufactures and distributes specialized building & construction products and solutions across Europe, Turkey and CIS markets.

RBCS has its own manufacturing facilities in insulation (XPS & stonewool), bituminous membranes and foil & packaging. Furthermore, RBCS commercializes building and construction materials of leading brands  through its extensive distribution and dealer network.  Finally, RBCS is also active in selected construction activities (for example high quality furniture and wall claddings in hospitals and industrial clean rooms and construction projects.

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RBCS has invested in its own production activities across insulation, waterproofing and finished plastics such as foil, bags, pipes and buckets. We follow a strategy of diversification, looking for long term growth and value creation opportunities, also leveraging potential synergies within the broader Ravago Group.

Sales Organizations

Across a wide range of countries, RBCS has built access to the local dealers network serving thousands of customers. Our portfolio includes products for thermal and sound insulation, waterproofing, dry construction, construction chemicals, geosynthetics, façade systems, ETICS, foil and bags. RBCS benefits from strategic partnerships with leading brands that have a longstanding expertise in the building & construction industry.


RBCS has its own building & construction dealer network in Hungary and Romania offering a very comprehensive portfolio of building and construction materials.


RBCS has done selective investments in a range of Construction activities, such as Alcomel/Alcopro (high quality furniture and wall claddings in hospitals and industrial clean rooms) in Benelux and Diolkos (construction projects) in Greece.

Acquisition of XPS activities from Knauf Insulation

January 01, 2017

In view of its strategy to further expand its geographical footprint and invest in manufacturing activities with long term growth potential, RBCS has acquired the XPS activities of Knauf Insulation in United Kingdom and France. The current operational management teams will remain in place and will be reinforced with a dedicated sales team to commercialize the XPS products in United Kingdom and France. RBCS will operate in these markets under the legal entities Ravatherm UK and Ravatherm France and will continue to use the Polyfoam brand.